Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Goats!!

Wahooooo! Capri kidded this afternoon! :) It was a long, hard labor, but she pulled through and surprised me with a set of spotted triplets! Hurrah! Two are bucklings, and the other is a doeling. I'm definitely keeping one of the bucklings (to be a draft wether) and the doeling. I am extremely pleased about how the kids turned out; it made having the buck for a month worth it. ;) The doeling is incredible! Her conformation is lovely, lovely, lovely! I'll try and get some pics for y'all tomorrow. I let Emily name the bucklings, but I named the doeling. Names will be revealed with pictures. ;)

I am tuckered out now... Helping out with kiddings is always exhausting work! But very worth it. I can't wait to watch my five little kids zoom around the pasture together! Next up is Penny on June 30th! :)

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