Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some pics, as promised!

Okey dokey, so these pics aren't the greatest since it's a rainy day, and we are in the barn, but at least you can get a general idea... :)

First boy is...

'Samwise'. Wow is this guy a whopper! I love his coloring, love his size, and love his correct conformation. I thought about keeping him as a buck, but since he's only 7/8 Nubian, I think I'll go ahead and wether him.

Second boy is...

'Frodo'. ;) He's my keeper. I love his color! He's funny to look at, as he is seriously compact, but has very long legs. He is a cuddle bug and sweetheart, and looks like he will be a good draft wether!

Just know that ALL of my doelings are stubborn! I could not for the life of me, get a decent picture of my my newest lassie who has been dubbed, 'Aylah'. Below is a pic of Chamomile (you may recognize it), and Capri's little lady looks pretty much identical to Chamomile, but has no white star on her forehead, and is a lot darker. Think Hersheys Special Dark. ;) 

This is a rear view shot of Aylah. I LOVE how wide she is! She should be a powerful milker, as she definitely has the genes for it on both sides. :) Wouldn't mind taking her to a show this fall and seeing what the judges think of her...


Miss Pickwickian said...

Love the pictures! They are very nice looking. :-)

I kept Capri's uncle and trained him for carting/draft/packing. He was a real sweetie. Good luck!

Hannah said...

I love your new little goats!
Do you have 5 kids now?
That must be fun... and tiring at the same time. They are so adorable!! :)

Mennagerie Farm said...

Yup! 5 little rascals all zooming and bouncing around! They are all so cute! But yes, it is also quite tiring... :)