Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Pasture

It was time. The other half of our pasture has finally reached a height of 3-4 feet tall, which meant one thing.

It was time to call in the horde (er, cough, cough, I mean herd) to start mowing it!

The electric fence was dutifully put up, and the aforementioned herd of gamboling goats (and one ornery cow) made their way to what seemed like paradise to them!

It was so cute seeing Capri's two week old kids munching on the towering grass. :) (below is Aylah)

[sigh] I love Melilots badger stripes... And her spots; let's not forget the spots!

It's been especially nice to see Heidi gorging herself. The poor thing has been losing weight lately, due to her trying to give too much milk! 

T'was very hard to get any decent pictures, as the grass was so tall! Not to mention, Chamomile kept on jumping on my lap whenever I knelt down. ;)



Frodo again! I love those spots!!

And who is this, sneaking amongst the grasses!?

She cleverly hides her face from view of the camera, but I think I know who it is...

Voila! 'Tis Penny! Did y'all forget that I had her? The poor dear has been in quarantine for awhile now, but she has been deemed ready to rejoin the herd! It's been so fun watching her as she excitedly explores the place. :) She does still walk with a limp, but that will hopefully fade with time. 

Her tummy is also starting to get very round; I can't wait to see her babies!! 

All's well, that ends well. :)

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Hannah said...

:) Cute looking lawn-mowers!