Friday, January 6, 2012

Cast Down -- Again

I came inside from making soap today, and my eyes fell upon a thin magazine that came in the mail earlier in the afternoon. It was my January/February copy of my beloved Dairy Goat Journal. All of life stopped for one fleeting moment as I slowly reached to pick up that little stack of colored papers.

My eyes scanned the front cover, reading teaser titles. Upon not seeing what I wanted, I wrenched the first pages open and eagerly searched the index. I read through the list fervently, and then read through it again a second time.

What I was searching for, wasn't there. Again.

I sent in an article submission to DGJ back in December, and I had so hoped to see that article in this go 'round's copy. But it wasn't. [big sigh]

Perhaps in the March/April copy, I will find my little article. It is discouraging sometimes, sending off articles that I have thrown myself into, and then not hearing anything about it. I know the editors are busy, I know they don't know me from Jane, but it would sure mean a lot to this simple country girl to one day see her own words in a published magazine. I'll probably write up another article soon, and send it to SGJ. If at first you fail your deed, try again 'til you succeed. Maybe someday... Someday I'll eagerly open the front cover to my latest magazine, and there in the index will be something written by me. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it... :)


Michaele said...

One time I sent in a poem to Countryside Magazine - and then completely forgot about it. (I may have submitted it online.) A year or so later, I ran across it, I don't even know how it happened. But since then it shows up in so many interesting places. It's called "All I Need To Know In Life I Learned From My Hens". I didn't get money for it and just wanted to see if they wanted to use it. I have loved just the fact that other people find it and use it - even on their blogs. I would love to read what you wrote. Is it on your blog somewhere? Good luck.

Goat Song said...

Hey, I think I posted your poem on here awhile back! Is this it?

I found this in one of my Countryside magazines and LOVED it!! Had to post it on the blog... LOL.

I'm not super into writing for money; I just enjoy writing, and the help/pleasure it brings others. :) I haven't posted the DGJ article on here anywhere yet, but I may soon; just to get some feedback and opinions from y'all.

I did submit a past blog post to Countryside back in December. You can read that submission here:

I had gotten a lot of good feedback from that one, and Mother Earth News contemplated publishing it. But in the end they decided it was too short by 100 words. LOL. Better luck next time.