Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of Songbirds and Warblers

Time for introductions.

We were blessed this Christmas with a lovely new hammered dulcimer from Songbird Dulcimers (click highlighted words to be taken to their website), so my dad and I thought we should introduce y'all to our newest addition in the musical world. :) This particular dulcimer is called the 'Warbler', and is fully chromatic, as well as handmade. 

The first video pretty much explains what needs to be explained, so I'll leave you now to enjoy watching them!

Hehe, and now y'all know my name: Caitlyn. ;) I don't think I've ever given my name on here, so there you have it!

Does anyone else here play the hammered dulcimer?


Melissa said...

Wow!!! I'm amazed at my brother's talent!!! =) Thanks for sharing these videos! The dulcimer is truly a beautiful instrument. When will the family CD be coming out?

Love to you all!
Aunt M, Uncle Rob and Juliana

Anonymous said...

We are! Thanks to you guys, now we have the bug too!