Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Can Just See It Now...

Airport man: "Excuse me ma'am, but dogs are not allowed on the plane."

Me: "Oh that's okay. This isn't a dog anyway."

Airport man: "Ah, I see. Would you mind telling me exactly what that ball of fur is?"

Me: "This 18" ball of fluff is in fact, sir, a goat. A Nigerian Dwarf goat named Poppet."

Airport man: "Goats aren't allowed on the plane either, ma'am."

Me: "This one is."

"Airport man: "How's that?"

Me: "This little lard barrel just so happens to be a -- um -- uh -- a specially trained Seeing Eye goat! Yes. A Seeing Eye goat."

Airport man is not convinced.

I try again: "A Service goat?"

 "A Therapy goat?"

 "A drug sniffing goat?"

 "A bomb finder?"

 "Will any of those titles work?" 

Airport man's expression does not lighten noticeably. 

Sigh... No goats allowed on airplanes... Poppet can't come with me on Tuesday. :-(


Niki said...

Such a cute goat!

Anonymous said...

I'd miss her too. Maybe I can come up and say hello to the goats while your gone.

Goat Song said...

CJ, you are more than welcome to visit the goats during the week! (Plus, you could make sure E is taking good care of them!) LOL.

Krista M.V. said...

LOL! Oh my goodness, Poppet is so cute! He reminds me of of my pet goat, Patrick, I had years ago!! He was a useless little wether, but I loved him to pieces. :P
Too bad you can't take him on the plane! ;)Eye-seeing goat isn't a bad idea :P