Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I miss my Strumstick.

There. That's a really random post for today. ;) Here I am in MD, exploring Baltimore, Lancaster, and D.C, and I'm finding myself hankering for my good ol' instrument.

I'll be flying back home on Wednesday, so not only will I then be reunited with said Strumstick, but I'll be home again and ready to get back into my daily blogging routine. And tell y'all the rest of my adventures! :D

But for now, I must needs go get my boots on. I hear the Smithsonian museum calling my name...

Meanwhile, my fingers are doing invisible chords; yearning for that little instrument... ;) 

1 comment:

Krista M.V. said...

lol! What is a strumstick anyways? :)

No fair! I've always wanted to go there! Have fun and be careful--they say that the things in that museum come to LIFE at NIGHT! :P