Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday Boots

Today is the day in which I have finally left the teens forever... I turned 20 years old this morning! 

I told my family that there was one thing that I really wanted for my birthday this year, and that was new muck boots. My old ones were so cracked that I may as well have gone barefoot. But more than just wanting new boots, I wanted to have pretty boots this year. ;) C'mon, everyone has those ugly, but serviceable black boots. Where's the fun in those? Nope, after all these years of wearing black boots, I wanted some color. So my family got me these:


The milkmaid is pleased. 

Chores are so much fun now! Not only are my feet staying clean and dry, but they're pretty now! LOL.
 Life is fun.


Tayet Silverspoon said...

Happy birthday! I love the boots. One year I got pink and black striped ones, they are the height of fashion!

nancy said...

Congratulations, only one more year til the big 21! Cute boots!!!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Caitie!! :)

gz said...

Lovely colours!!-and incentive to keep them cleaned after use!!
Happy Birthday!

Sarah G said...

I love those boots! :D Happy Birthday chicka!

Head Farm Steward said...

20? 20!

I knew you were young but MAN that sounds young. Gosh. When I was 20 (...goes off on irrelevant old man rant...)

Enjoy the 20-ness of it. My 20th year was pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! The boots are wonderful! Form and Function!