Sunday, October 14, 2012

For Stacey Jane, and all you others in my area...

If you live in the Sheridan, Willamina, or Grande Ronde area and are wishing you could have gone to the Saturday meeting that was hosted by Nourish Yamhill Valley, then here's a second chance for you! 

I got this email today, and was told to spread the word; we need as many as people possible to see this idea grow into everything it could be. I know a lot of the folks who I met on Saturday will be here, and it should be a down right good time. :)

Just a reminder to anyone interested in gardening, local foods movement, sustainability, homesteading skills, small farms etc.  We are having the first meeting around these ideas at the West Valley Community Campus at 266 SE Washington Street in Willamina at 6:30 pm.  The agenda will start with a tour of the campus complex showing all the amazing possibilities that can be had with this 44,000 sq ft, 11 acre complex.  We will move into a meet and greet segment to get to know one another and what your interests and passions are for these ideas and the West Valley.  After that a little brainstorming around a vision that you all will help develop and some ideas we could start exploring  and then hopefully some organizing of people around their common interests.   Please send us any suggestions for the agenda or any ideas you would like interjected to the group if you can't make it to this meeting.  You can contact me directly at  or call me at 503 876 3904   or 503 581 1508.  You can also contact Jeri St Onge ,  Susan Richman,  or Denise Wilms.    Hope to see you.   -Dave 


Erin W said...

I'm very interested, but when is it? I see a time and a place but no date.

Goat Song said...

It's Tuesday the 16th!! I hadn't noticed that there wasn't a date attached until another email was sent with the error having been fixed. So it's the day after tomorrow!