Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grab Her While You Can!

This little lady goes by the handle of 'Goat Song's Shilling'. She was one of last year's kids out of my pretty Cove Orchard doe, 'Penny', and by Too Much Bucks Jagermeister (Shammy's, Lakeshore, and Six-M-Galaxy bloodlines). I had given Shilling to some friends who needed a companion goat for their milker, but just recently got her back since said friends have decided to sell off their animals. I really don't have the room to over winter another doe (since she would have to stay with the adult does and the two cows), so as much as I love her spots, she needs to find some new stomping grounds ASAP. 

Shilling is a purebred, unregistered Nubian doe, she is CAE/CL negative, and has been exposed to a buck (my Tamarack boy! Kastdemur's bloodlines on him!). I don't *think* she was officially bred to Tam, but I won't know for sure for another 2.5-3 weeks to see if she comes into heat again or not. 

Shilling is $250 unregistered and $350 if you would like her registered. If you want her bred to ma' fancy shmancy buck, then please tack on another $40 (which pays for stud fee and boarding/care/feeding since she'll have to stick around for her next cycle!)

Shipping is always a possible option too, if you are out of state. I know a LOT of livestock haulers, and ordinary goat people who will put together a "train" to get her from Sheridan, OR to your place. 

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could buy both of them!