Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh Yeah...

I forgot to mention this, but Chad Gadya's twin sister is also up for sale as well. If I have any hopes to have my own farm in the near future then I need to prioritize and hunker down to business. Thus, 'Goat Song's Duet' is being offered up for sale and her sale price will pay for some projects that should greatly help in giving me and my dream farm a steadier, comfier salary. 

Duet (or "Dewey" as I affectionately call her) is a carbon copy of her brother. Seriously. People come over and they can't tell who is who; heck, I still have trouble sometimes telling who's who, and have to resort to checking who's the buck and who's the doe. She is every bit as lovely as her brother, and oh - my - goodness will this girl MILK! She has 2,000 lbs. of milk stacked on either side of her pedigree so she would be an excellent home milker, or a start (or addition!) to your dairy herd. She's my girl, and quite frankly she's the best doe kid I've had born in my herd since I started 5+ years ago. 

I don't currently have any pictures of Duet, but here's the link to Chad Gadya's sale post. I ain't kidding when I say she's a carbon copy. She looks just like her brother; just ever so slightly darker in color. But she's got the same conformation, the same frosted ears, and even the same star on her forehead. :) Oh, and she just turned 10 weeks old. 

My asking price is $350 unregistered, and $450 registered. 

You want her... You know you do. ;)

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