Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Is Beautiful

A reader left a comment on my previous post about butchering livestock and gave a link she recommended watching. So I took her advice this afternoon, and while it was pouring rain outside, I was toasty and dry inside, watching this beautiful video. To some folks, I'm sure this may seem like a gross film, or even repulsive. As I watched it though, I was in awe at how much this man loves what he is doing. You can see it in his hands as he skillfully works that he is following his passion in life in providing good, wholesome food for people. I thought it was also interesting to see that this guy is on my side of the country (up near Puget Sound in WA!)... Oh the wheels are turning in this head 'o mine. ;)

So if you have some spare time and want to learn how to cut up a half of a hog, by all means treat yourself and watch the video. 

On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Side Butchery from farmrun on Vimeo.


Plowman's Farm said...

Very much enjoyed this!

Head Farm Steward said...

Couple of comments.
-Thanks for posting that.
-His knives are sharp.
-He's an artist. I'm a butcher. It really makes me look bad.