Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Gift for Peaches

A week or two ago, I found a bulky package in my mailbox. I wasn't expecting anything, but I had a hunch as to what was inside. And I was right. :) One of my dear readers (yep, you all get that term) sent a gift specifically for Peaches. T'was a new fly mask. 

To explain a bit... Some of you who have been here awhile may remember Peaches' first fly mask, and the goofy pictures I posted of her (you can view that old post by clicking HERE.). When Mattie came along, I gave that red mask to her, and Peaches got a new mask that had pink trim. She wore that thing to death. I still have it, but it's so limp from use that you really couldn't use it any more. Peaches needed a new one, and before the warm weather, and flies, came back.

As it happens, the lady who makes these awesome masks is a reader here. And she surprised me by generously sending me not only a new mask, but one made in the newest style that she's created! It's been great! Temperatures hit 76 degrees today, and with it came the few early flies. So Peaches got to sport her brand new gift from a thoughtful reader.

So Kirby, here's for you. :) Peaches and I both thank you!


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Jessica said...

Could you post a link for the lady who makes these? (website or email) They are super cute and a perfect fit!

Anonymous said...

It fits her perfectly and I think the color suits her. Thanks for sharing such great pictures. Was she happy to see her new mask? She really is a beautiful girl and I'm honored to make it special for her. Best wishes to you both.....