Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lyric. I Call Her Lyric.

Does goat kid cuddling count as being busy and productive? I sure hope so, because that's been my day. This darling wee kiddo has been such a love, and I fairly swoon every time I look at her. ;) LOL. I've decided that her name is Lyric. Pedigreed name will be something along the lines of "Goat Song's Listen To My Lyrics". But right now that pedigreed name is bigger than her; so she's just my little Lyric. 

It's all good, this goat stuff. In the end, it really is...

Pictures coming soon. So stay tuned! :)


Tayet said...

Goat cuddling def counts as productive! Very nice name. I can't wait to see her!

Nicole said...

Kid cuddling is an extremely productive thing to do! In all seriousness getting the little ones used to you, and you getting a good look at the baby is a very important thing. Also with the traumatic losses you've faced recently playing the babies is a way of healing. Our minds and spirits quite often get overlooked, but taking care of ourselves that way is vitally important. When I'm feeling down or irritated I go out to the barn and get myself some kid time. Does me wonders and never ceases to put me in a better mood which allows me to better tackle my massive to-do lists! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! That's great!!! Kinda funny too, I just named my jet black doeling Lyric.