Saturday, March 30, 2013

Goat Kids!

I woke up this morning with the strange sensation of "something's not right". 

The day had dawned absolutely beautiful, and the weatherman was predicting a high of 73F. Everything seemed calm and quiet, and normal. But there was still that little feeling of "something's not right". So I headed out to the barn. Lo and behold, that feeling, 6th sense, or gut instinct (call it what you want), was right. Jupiter had literally JUST kidded. Beneath her lay two tiny kids. One looked very similar to my preemie bottle baby, Sudden Distraction, that I had around last month, but this one was heavily spotted. And we're talking SPOTTED! Holy kohlrabi did it have color! It was a doeling, and alas, it was dead. And mummified. I've always said a mummified kid was something I hoped I would never have to deal with; it's been one of my worst nightmares (ultimate nightmare: having a mummified, retained kid that I have to help the doe expel in pieces. *shudder*). But this case wasn't as bad as it could have been... It looked like a fairly normal kid; just not fully formed. My guess is that it died 1 to 1.5 months ago.

The second kid was also a doeling, but this one was fighting to stand up! Whoop, whoop! She's jet black in color, with solid black ears, tan trim on her belly and legs, and the cherry on top are the sweetest tan colored badger stripes on her face. Be still my beating heart! ;) She's tiny though. Maybe 3 or 4 lbs. Granted, that's bigger than Distraction was, but boy howdy am I ready for some normal 8 pounders! Jupiter was well fed through the whole pregnancy, but for some reason all that feeding went into putting weight on her, instead of growing those kids. 

The little black kid is inside now, and will remain here until she's perky enough to be outside (which hopefully won't be long!). She's drinking from a bottle well and is currently napping. I've missed having a goat kid inside...


Tayet said...

Yay for goat kids! Pictures please, she sounds adorable.
Sucks about the mummy kid.. :(

Linda said...