Friday, September 20, 2013

Ask It!

I used to do this in the past... Every Friday I would ask y'all if you had any questions that you wanted answers for, and then I'd answer them the following Monday. I've decided to try picking this habit back up again, and since it's on my blogging calender/schedule, I might be able to remember to do it now. Hehehe.

Got a question? Ask it in the comments! It can be anything from farming stuff, to wondering how I do something here on the blog, to some random personal question you've always wondered but never knew how to ask (I do retain rights to keep some things private though. Remember? I'm an introvert. *grin*).

Ask away my friends! If I don't have the answer you're looking for, then I'll do my jolly best to find someone who does, or if that fails too, then we'll all just throw our hands in the air and decide that the question is unanswerable. I'll do my best to stick to the first option though.


Beth Rankin said...

Now that I am here in your neck of the woods, I want to find MY farmers, the people I can rely on for wonderful food raised in a healthy, chemical free manner. We will be buying a freezer so we can stock up on meats, fish, and put away what part of the harvest still exists at this point in the season. Any suggestions?

Goat Song said...

Oh this will be a fun question to answer, Beth! I can't wait to give you the fill-in on who's where! Check back Monday for answers, links, and contact info to folks!

bhodges said...

Hi - I was just reading your excellent farm/homesteading blog. You’ve written some great articles about your rabbits, goats etc.. I hope you don't mind if I ask about something a little different (ok very different)....

I was wondering if you’d care to do some freelance writing in which you share your thoughts about the livestock and poultry breeds you’ve raised? I have a site called RightPet where animal owners share their experiences by posting reviews on the breeds and species they’ve owned.

Don’t be fooled by the site name, the livestock and poultry sections are pretty extensive, and of course these animals are reviewed for their productivity, health etc., and not as pets. For example, here is our Goat section

We are currently in the process of redesigning the site and it will be focused more on matching users with the animals that are appropriate for them. For livestock and poultry, the goal will be to help small farmers / homesteaders find breeds that are appropriate for their properties and needs. For consumption / production and not as pets.

The site is completely self-funded, and at present non-commercial. I was wondering if you might be interested in doing reviews for $5 each (for which I would pay through PayPal)?

Many thanks, Brett Hodges
Founder /Editor