Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pinterest Link Up

Yes, this is new; no, you haven't been missing it for years and years without knowing it. This idea is a mix between wanting to justify my time on Pinterest a bit better (strange things happen when a farm girl doesn't have animals to keep her busy... Finding Pinterest would be one of those strange things), as well as just wanting to share some of the neat things I've found on there with y'all. :) Pinterest can be a treasure trove of information if used wisely (or 100% pure fun and wasted time if you let it be. Hehehe.).

So here we go folks, let's try this crazy idea and see how it pans out! And just a heads up, all the words in bold are active links that take you directly to the original website that will give you the information you're looking for.

1. Wintering pigs in a greenhouse! I enjoyed this link! A family raises a few pigs in the fall/winter each year, letting the pigs go hog wild (couldn't resist) in the fallow garden, and sheltering in the greenhouse (that has been strengthened to handle the porcine race). The writer also explains their fencing, feeding, and watering setup. Good read, and a clean website.

Wintering Pigs in a greenhouse. Photo courtesy of 'Our Little Farm'.

2. Choosing a Dairy Cow: Breeds. It seems that I'm a person who likes lists. I didn't think I did, but maybe I do a little bit... Anyway, this link was super handy since it lists the different dairy breeds and their pros/cons very neatly and seems pretty accurate! If you're wanting the black and white on each breed so you can compare which one would be better for you, then here you go. The website is a professional looking blog called 'The Well Fed Homestead' and so far I like the place... I'll have to spend some rainy afternoon poking around there a bit more, but so far so good. :)

Choosing a Dairy cow breed. Photo courtesy of 'The Well Fed Homestead'.

3. Homemade Chick Starter. I've had a lot of people ask me if I know of a good recipe for starting chicks, and while I haven't tried this exact recipe (I didn't have any millet at the time), I think this is the one I will go with next time I get to raise chicks. Link goes to a personal blog that's got clean content.

Homemade Chick Starter. Photo courtesy of  'A Homegrown Journal'.

3. Free printable milk records. The Prairie Homestead. Need I say more? Shucks, with almost 20,000 followers on her blog, I hardly feel like I have to introduce this place. LOL. But she's got a handy, yet simple, printable sheet so you can keep track of your dairy records. Because believe it or not, you WON'T remember how much your dairy animal gave you this morning in three months time. Trust me, I've got 6 years of milking behind me, and that means six years of saying "Oh, I'll remember how much they gave..." Yeah right. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast three days ago.

Free printable dairy records. Photo courtesy of The Prairie Homestead

4. Pallet Hay Manger. It's just cool. I like pallets. To me, they're like the lego of the construction world. That, and they seem pretty non-threatening to this farm girl who is typically wary of any type of building projects that don't call for PVC or duct tape. I can do pallets. The link this project leads to is a clean, simple farming blog, but the info on actually building this manger is precious little. You're basically going off the image. Looks like a solid bottom and 4 whole pallets to me... 

Pallet Hay manger. Photo courtesy of Homesteading Wife.

5. Disaster preparedness. The image says it all. I think this has got to be the greatest way ever to organize and label your outdoor working tools. Just think, this way even visitors will have a clear idea of what to do if zombies suddenly attack!! Or, if nothing else, it'll bring a laugh to those who pass by...
No link to this image. ;) It is what it is. (and yes, I posted it more as a spoof. But seriously... Zombie preparedness. It's a good thing.)

Photo courtesy of

There you have it folks! Just a few neat things I've found online lately. What think ye'? Would you like to see the Pinterest Link Up become a weekly Saturday thing or not? I would really love your opinion on this. After all, if no one's interested then that means I can sleep in on my Saturday mornings after all. ;)

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Gold Mine!!!! Thanks for sharing, now I've got more reading to do.