Friday, September 27, 2013

Ask it!

'Tis Friday again, dear readers! So if you've got a question of sorts that you'd love an answer to, just shout it out in the comments below, and I'll answer it on Monday!


Penelope Tabari said...


I've been reading your blog for over a year now, and it's, hands down, my favorite blog. :)

I am interested in learning to make soap, especially goat milk soap. Could you recommend any websites or books?


Goat Song said...

Great question Penelope!! I love making soap! I'll be working on compiling a list of my favorite books, websites, and suppliers for the Monday post!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's not Friday but I suddenly got a question. Can does be bred in December? I'm wanting end of April babies.

Goat Song said...

No worries Tasha. ;) I post the "Ask it" on Friday, but questions are allowed to be entered up until Monday morning.

Kailey said...

Do you have a video of Gyp herding that you can share? I used to have a herding dog but don't now and really want to see how he works.

Goat Song said...

Kailey, right now I don't. :( I tried getting one the other day, but my camera is on the fritz where recording is concerned. Once I get it fixed/figured out though, I'll see what I can do!

P.S. I love the dog on your profile!! It's so pretty! :D

Kaia said...

So I have this weird desire to know people's middle names.. even though I pretty much think of you as "Goat Song," what name follows Caitlyn? There's an easy question for you ;)

Goat Song said...

Kaia, I'm going to reply to your question here; hopefully you'll see it!! My middle name is Mackenzie. LOL. I like to know folk's middle names too. ;)