Friday, November 15, 2013

Ask It!

Whew, I'm zonked! I've been in town pretty much all day and I'm more tired than I am after a day spent bucking hay. I foresee an early bedtime in my near future. ;)

  In the meantime though, before I fall into oblivious sleep, here's this week's 'Ask It' post! Come one, come all, ask your questions here. :) Oh and remember that idea I was hinting about a few days ago? Concerning the Q&A Monday posts? My evil idea worked! Or rather, it's working. So hopefully those posts will be much more interesting for y'all now. With luck, I'll get to reveal what awful thing I've done on - uh - Monday. Makes sense anyway, right? A Monday post published on Monday? Oh whatever... I need to leave now before I start saying weird (er) stuff in my current loopy state.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Goatsong! I didn't see a post on Monday of the "awful" thing that you did. Did I miss it:)