Monday, November 25, 2013

Q&A Monday

Hey guys, here's this week's Q&A post/video. I'm a little hesitant to share this one because of the topic, but I'm gonna' try it anyway. (P.S. Sorry for the background noise. Gyp was pretty active and had no desire to lay down and be quiet. Goofy dog...)

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MedievilMaiden said...

Hi again!

Regarding getting reported, we had a similar thing happen to us 2 winters ago. Horses were put out into the field for a gallop around for a hour or two. Animal inspector comes to house all guns blazing, expecting to find horses that are 'starving, with no food,' etc. Rubbish. One of our nosey neighbours had rung up, and told them a bunch of lies. Later found out the same neighbours had rung up the chid protection inspector and tried to report one of the other neighbours for child abuse, which in fact was the children playing in their own back garden...

It does make you panic, even if you've done nothing wrong!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job. Do more of these videos. This also happened to my daughter. She is the best at taking care of her animals. The person reported about her horse. The horse was fat and healthy. We never understood what they wanted. It also happened to my sister. People are just ignorant of animal husbandry. You are right!!!! Stop people......

ADW said...

Wise beyond your years... keep it up.

Illinois Lori said...

Bravo! Encore! Encore! Well said, dearest...I couldn't agree with you more. Closest we've come to animal rights folks thus far has been in our volunteer work at the living history museum/farm (Kline Creek Farm). We had Southdown sheep there, a small flock. One December, it was a beautiful but VERY brisk, snowy day at the farm, and the sheep were out in the pasture area. The boys and I were all working outside...something we were used to doing, no matter how cold it got (could be below zero wind chills, we were out in it!). A woman came up to me (I was by the pasture) and started to bellow about "those poor sheep, they must be freezing! I can't believe you'd force them to be outside in such cold weather! You need to put them in the little shelter barn immediately!" I politely (KEY word) told her that the sheep were fine, they were accustomed to the weather, just like we were...I told her to see how they enjoyed packing into a flock, and they could stay nice and warm that way, sharing body heat. She was indignant, and continued blustering at me. Then she shot herself in the foot, I'll never forget it, it was so funny! She said, "Well, you may think they're used to the cold, like we are, but they're not. They're out here unprotected, but look...I have this nice wool coat that I'm wearing to stay warm!"

Oh my goodness! It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud! But I couldn't have set that one up better if I'd tried. All I did was stop walking, turn to look her right in the eye, and smile...and keep staring at her, smiling. She started to stammer and stumble over her words, which somehow were no longer coming to her(!), and she finally said, "well, I think they're cold!" and then she stomped off.

You just gotta laugh.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and your insight. You're right on!

PS: Praying for you this week...big changes coming your way!