Tuesday, November 19, 2013


  Life just got interesting. And busy. Oh boy did it get busy... Yesterday was pretty normal, all things considered, but I had the pleasure of getting to do a quick phone interview with GMO Inside, Concerning the challenges that small farmers face with GMO's in the system. That was -- interesting. I felt like a talking tornado, but I'm not sure if I actually speed talked or not. It was a blur though.

  Today was a big day; I took my driver's test! Yes, I'm 21 years old and up 'til this point I've never had a driver's license. The roads were wet, it was raining lightly, and I was driving a manual car. End result? A score of 90% and a license of my very own!! Not bad for a girl driving a stick shift!! I'm pretty excited to finally be an independent driver. And it's definitely a huge relief that I got this taken care of before I head out to Missouri. Otherwise I would have been looking at trying to get a license down in Mississippi (I have family down there).

  Now I'm off to go clean the house before company comes, and then the rest of my week looks like it'll be packed with all those random things required before one goes gallivanting off to another state. Gotta' get Gyp's health certificate so he's ready for the flight, need to get in touch with some blog sponsors, finish cleaning the barn, and then still do those every day things like dealing with the microgreens and blogging. The necessities of life, right? ;)

 My days are packed. But it's good. It's good...
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Penelope T. said...

Congrats on the driver's license!! :D