Friday, February 18, 2011

The List, Part #1

Okay, even though I'm still not quite done counting seeds and whatnot, I'm going to go ahead and post what seeds I have in the library. You may notice on the list that some varieties say that they are "grow outs" and not available. This is due to only having maybe three or four seeds and thus needing to keep that variety in my garden to save seed from. This isn't the complete list, as I am still awaiting more seeds in the mail, but this is what I have so far! If you see something that you would like, e-mail me HERE, with your list and I will give you my address to send your SASE to. Please bear in mind that this is a 'first come, first serve' so some varieties you wanted may or may not be available.

We'll start with the tomatoes... (Note: I have added a link to each variety so you can read more about them)

Big Month: 118 seeds available.
Black from Tula: 4 seeds. Sorry, this is a grow out variety!
Cherokee Purple: 28 seeds available.
Cour Di Bue: 47 seeds available.
Dr. Wyche's Yellow: 0 seeds. I did have some, but all were quickly checked out for the 2011 growing season.
Golden Cherokee: 4 seeds. I think I am going to have to keep this as a grow out, but if you really want to try it, I can share 2 seeds. No seed companies carry this variety, but it is exactly like the 'Cherokee Puple', only a golden bi-color. Very rare and beautiful.
Goldman's Italian/American: 25 seeds available. I love this variety! It is so fun!
Great White: 6 seeds available: I am extremely excited to try this variety out this year!
Hillbilly:  9 seeds available.
Islea: 18 seeds available. Another very rare tomato that has been passed from gardener to gardener rather than being sold through seed companies. This is a red tomato that is very ruffled, more so than the 'Goldman's'. Very good, classic tomato flavor, and the slices look like flowers because they are so ruffled! I believe this is a Italian variety...
Kellog's Breakfast: 4 seeds. Sorry, another grow out! I had more, but once again, they were quickly taken.
Old German: 4 seeds. [sigh] another grow out... I wish I had more of these to share with y'all, as they are such great tomatoes!
Omar's Lebanese: 0 seeds. I didn't even get to keep any of these, they flew out of here so fast!
Striped Roman: 55 seeds available. These are super fun to grow (and eat, for that matter..)
"Surprise": 125 seeds available. I don't know what kind of tomatoes these are. If you try them, let me know what you get!!

Maui: approx. 200 seeds available. These are a small, white, sweet variety. Very yummy, but not good for storage.

Colorado #6: I haven't counted the seeds yet. There's too many. There is a chance that these seeds have been crossed with Red Burgundy onions; we'll find out come harvesting time! Colorado #6's are extremely good keepers, have good flavor, reach harvest size in 115-120 days and are usually about 4 inches in diameter.

Valencia: 683 seeds available. And that's after I started seeds of my own and shared with other gardeners!! Don't ask me how long it took me to count all those seeds. This is a really great onion.

Red Burgundy: I'm going to guess that I have somewhere around 300-400 seeds of this kind.


Sweet Meat: Sorry, all checked out for 2011
Red Kuri: 8 seeds available.
Mountaineer baby Hubbard: 12 seeds available. I'm not positive about what this variety will look like, either blue or green would be my guess. I added a link that gives info on the blue baby Hubbard variety.
Waltham x Butterbush Butternut cross: 30 seeds available. This squash is a cross between the two. It will be interesting to see how the cross affected the taste!
Amish Pie: 4 seeds available. This is a really nice baking squash.
White: 30 seeds. The name says it all. I got these from a Canadian gardener, and all I know about the plant is that it produces a white, heirloom pumpkin. ;)
Thelma Sanders: 12 seeds available. Yummy and fun.
White: 30 seeds available. The name says it all. This seed was given to me by a Canadian gardener, I don't know anything about the plant other than it's a white, heirloom pumpkin.
Marina Di Chioggia: Do I have to share these? Just kidding. 8 seeds available. If I could only keep one seed, this would be it. The Marina Di Chioggia has such a rich, family history. Originally from the coast of Chioggia Italy, this squash is only just starting to become known here in America. My favorite.

Whew. Well, that's part one. I'll try and do part two later...

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