Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Small

Last night, as I was walking out to the barn to milk my goats, I saw my shadow cast before me.

And I stopped.... And looked at it.

It was such a small shadow.

I looked up at the clear night sky, and saw the billions of stars that our Creator put up there.

I looked at my small shadow, and then the huge night sky.

And felt so small.

So small.

How can the Lord use something so small as me? I felt like a tiny bug standing beneath that sky.

And yet... I stood in awe as I thought about how God made me exactly how He wanted me. He put me in this exact place in the world, at this exact time, in this exact family, for a very specific purpose.

I still felt small beneath that sky, but I continued on my way feeling small for a purpose. I know not how the Lord will use me, but I pray that I won't be too small for the task....

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