Thursday, April 4, 2013


The heifer is bred. I've been stressing about getting her AI'd for WEEKS now. I had no idea what to expect, how she would react, or even really how I was going to restrain her. I was expecting a rodeo and told the tech she had full permission to hate me if things went haywire.

The whole thing took about five minutes. Peaches didn't budge in the least, and simply stood tied to a support beam in the barn (Hurray for successful halter breaking!). The AI tech did it all quickly, expertly, and with a baby on her back. She has my full respect. ;) LOL. The bull chosen is a Jersey who goes by the name of Harvest; his daughters are well known for their high, tight udders and milking ability. 

Having that little job done is a huge load off my mind... Now I can focus on the next task at hand, which is bringing the new milk cow home (who is a little Jersey). Peaches will be leaving sometime between Saturday and next Wednesday.

Personally, I'm looking forward to getting a full night's sleep tonight! Hopefully there will be no more bellowing now that she's bred!! 


Tayet said...

Oh wow, he's a good looking bull! How long is the gestation period for cows?

Goat Song said...

9 months! So if Peaches settles on this first try (which hopefully she will!), then she'll be due sometime around January 4th, 2014.

Anonymous said...

Great news! I hope she settles. I have a Harvest baby. She has an amazing sweet personality and she did *not* get that from her mother. LOL. I like her so much I am using Harvest again on the next cow in line to be bred. Gender select gave me Ginger so hoping for another heifer.