Monday, April 1, 2013

Draft Turkeys. The New Fad.

Okay, so the title is a little tongue-in-cheek. But I was laughing SO hard when I saw this image below!!

Granted, these turkeys probably never actually pulled the cart; it's most likely just a photo prop, which was highly fashionable back in the old days. But seriously. Turkeys?? Hooked to a cart??? Tickled my funny bone, it did. :)

I'm also pleased to report that you can get reindeer harnesses for the bargain price of $170 via THIS website. How nice to know that... I won't have to stress about where to get my driving equipment, come the day that I buy myself a cart reindeer. ;) 

And to top it off, I have just learned that I've been training my draft goat all wrong by using incorrect terms. For most folks, the normal driving terms are:
Get up = Walk
Whoa = Stop
Haw = Turn left
Gee = Turn right

It seems that the "more refined" terms to use for a draft animal are:
Anchors away! = Walk
Drop anchor! = Stop
Port! = Turn left
Starboard! = Turn Right
And when you have to make a sharp turn into the wind you shout: "Helms-a-lee!"

My sense of humor absolutely will not allow me to NOT try the terms out. ;) So now I have to get a new goat to train, so that when we go trotting down the road together, the neighbors can listen to me calling out nautical terms. 

Life is short. Have fun while you can. :) And if that means belting out pirate terms whilst driving a goat on a country road, or casually steering a decked out reindeer through town, then so be it. 

Here's to the crazy ones. :)


Tayet said...

Avast ye maties! Thar be goaties there!

Goat Song said...

^LOL!! ;D

Now that I think about it, I should get a black doe, and name her "Black Pearl"... Just to add to the pirate-ness of it all. ^_^
Hoist the sails and anchors away me hearty! 'Tis a treasure hunt we be gaeng on! Hehe.

nancy said...

Now that IS funny!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That's so funny, you could even make an old row boat into a cart! Thanks for posting that. =D

I have a Q about grazing. Do the goats need shelter? Since you're moving them around so much I'm curious how you keep them out the rain. Or don't they mind?