Saturday, April 6, 2013

Psst! Look What's Out!

I admit to a little squeal of glee when the spring 2013 issue of the OSU Small Farms newsletter showed up in my email inbox not fifteen minutes ago. :) I'm always happy to see these newsletters come in, but this one had something of particular interest to me. I was looking for something. And I didn't have to look far. ^_^

Check out that byline on page #2!! Any guesses as to who that writer is!?


Brenda said...

Excellent article, Caitlyn! Congratulations on the publication. I enjoy your writing style.

nancy said...

Congrats! I read most of the whole thing, interesting!

Prairie Kari said...

And you got the lead story spot to boot - woohoo! Your writing brings your personality, knowledge and experience with doses of real life that many can relate to - as always great edutainment. I am sure they will be asking you for more articles for their newsletter!

You should suggest future article ideas to them too. Perhaps a follow up of the take home msg you got from the seminar, evidenced in your blog today on the change with the goat herd, or a series on following a young farmer. I look forward to seeing more of your articles in their newsletter! Kari

OneOldGoat said...

Great article!!

Linda said...

Very nice! You did great!