Tuesday, April 23, 2013


These past few days have been filled with intense nothingness. I'm waiting... Waiting. I go about my daily chores, feed the goat kid, take her for jaunts on the neighbor's property, reply to emails, and wait.

My microgreen seeds should arrive in the mail today. I've been waiting a little over a week for them to come. Waiting for that FedEx truck to pull up with a package addressed to me. Once those seeds get here, I have to wait until I go to town tomorrow to pick up enough soil to allow me to start growing 15 to 20 flats each week. And I'm still waiting for the erection of a greenhouse... Thankfully I have a small cold frame that I can use for now; it'll last me a week or two, maybe three if I push it. So that will allow me to get a jump start while the greenhouse is being built.

The hogs are being butchered next Friday; May 3rd. I'm waiting impatiently for them to leave. Not necessarily because I'm sick and tired of them (on the contrary; despite their many escapes and whatnot, this place is going to be quiet without them!), but I'm ready for that bit of stress to be off my mind. Once they're butchered and the halves have all gone to their respective buyers, I will be SO relieved. But I still have ten days to go. Ten days to wait.

My English Shepherd pup, Gyp, will arrive in thirteen days!!! I am beyond excited for him to get here, and the wait is killing me. The days tick by so slowly when you're waiting for a puppy...

And then there's Trigun. My last Nubian goat to sell. I'm getting desperate here; I need her sold and gone before May hits. I've had people show interest in her; had people say, "Let me talk with my husband real quick..." And then I'm left waiting. -_- 

I feel like I'm caught in this terrible vortex of waiting. I know it'll soon be over; the hogs will be butchered, my seeds will arrive, my puppy will come, the goat will sell (well, I hope the goat will sell!). But right now, right here in this moment, it's making me go stir crazy. As a person who grew up with the phrase, "Git 'er' done!", patience is not always something I abound in. I don't want to wait; I want to do it NOW. 

So that's my life right now. I'm waiting. Trying to make these days pass by as quickly as possible. But still stuck waiting.

Let's hope that FedEx truck gets here today...


Anonymous said...

Have you read Cesar Millan's dog whisperer book? It's brilliant. Every dog owner should read it. Well, if they want to that is...=)

Prairie Kari said...

Can you do a blog about the greenhouse you are building - materials, size etc. If it is for your microgreens will it have auto waterers or will you use the Half Pint one in there? Inquiring minds . . . Thanks! Kari