Wednesday, May 22, 2013


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Beth Rankin said...

Years ago when it came time to replace a family pet we did some research and purchased a female Australian Shepherd. She was a phenomenal dog and the easiest one I have ever had to train. In time people told me that if we ever planned to have a litter, they wanted one of her puppies. When I approached the farm where we bought her to get the names of some studs she wanted to see the adult and told me that no one would breed to her because one of her ears did not stand up. Not worth arguing, we bought a male puppy from another farm 1000 miles away. When we went to pick him up the farmer asked if we had ever run our female. Of course not, we lived in suburbia. So she then asked if we wanted to see what she could do. Of course! I'm so glad we videotaped it. The farmer put one of her dogs in with ours but instructed it to lay back and our dog's instincts took over. What a glorious dance.