Thursday, May 16, 2013

We're In

To say I was nervous as I approached the first restaurant would be an understatement. I felt like I was 13 years old all over again, taking personal invitations to business managers in the area, and asking them to come to the 4-H livestock auction at the county fair to bid on my pen of animals. But thinking back, taking part in the 4-H auction was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me since it forced me to come out of my shy, introverted shell and talk not only to a total stranger, but to a total stranger who was the manager of a large company. I learned to enjoy it though, had fun with it every year. 

I digress though... Walking up to the restaurant had me suddenly wondering if it wouldn't be easier/better to marry young and thus not have to go galavanting about, dealing with chefs and little tiny plants. In short, there was momentary courage failure. But I managed to suck up just enough gumption to walk in that door (after having to sheepishly call the chef and ask him to unlock it for me), and decided that I could do this. No husband hunting after all. Hehe. 

The chef took my basket and start pulling out the samples I had brought. The spicy mix, the mild mix, the peas, and the radishes... He looked at the second chef that was present and they smiled and nodded at each other. As they opened up each container and sampled the micros, their smiles and nods grew bigger. I think I only stood there for five minutes before the chef declared that he wanted weekly deliveries. That was an epic moment for me. Just a silent, "Holy kohlrabi, I'm in!" kind of feeling. We exchanged information, him with his weekly order, and I with my contact info. I almost floated back out the door, I was so excited.

The other two restaurants also went well. I accidentally caught one chef right in the middle of rush hour, so I had to leave my samples with him and now have to wait to hear his opinion. The 2nd chef was a cheery, upbeat fellow who took an instant liking to my greens, but he needed to get the 'okay' from his boss before putting down an order, so I'm also waiting to hear from him. 

So if nothing else, I at least have one steady customer. But something tells me that as time goes on, there will be more and more... 

This evening I mixed more soil and planted a few more trays of my spicy mix and some radishes. Tomorrow I plant peas. When I finished my work, I scooped Gyp up into a big, dirty, tired hug and softly said to him:

"Well Gyp, We're in..."

Nothing else needed to be said.


Brenda said...

Congratulations! You did good.

Aunt Zooo's said...

Congrats!! Id Love to see a picture of these greens:)

Sherry H. said...

So, tell us about the microgreen process!

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