Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So. Crazy. Excited.

This is probably the most awesome thing to ever happen to McMinnville. :) I absolutely cannot wait until they open their doors!


Prairie Kari said...

It is FABULOUS to see businesses like this start up that support the local small farmers. I live in Canada so will never have dealings with their store but sent them a pledge of support of $10 all the same and know that their success in starting their business will help you too!

For those that have never seen the Kickstarter program before - you can pledge any amount starting at $1. The vendor sets a deadline to raise their money, in this case they set it at June 27th. If they do not raise all their money ($15,000 in this case) you do not get charged for your pledge. If they do raise the money you get charged on that day last - June 27th. It is totally secure done through Amazon.

In this day and age we rarely hear of barn raising parties anymore but really the Kickstarter program is like that in a way (IMO). Everyone pitches in doing what they can to get the project completed and I enjoy being part of these even in a small way. If you have $5 - try it - it is rewarding in a way to know you helped someone get started and what better business to support than one that supports the small farmer like Caitlyn! Kari

Goat Song said...

You're awesome, Kari! *high five*

Beth Rankin said...

You told me I needed to look in your area for our place to live when we come out there.....I WILL be seriously considering McMinnville!!

Goat Song said...

Oooh, how exciting Beth!! McMinnville has a lot to offer. :) I lived there for ten years before we moved 15 miles outside of it!