Friday, June 15, 2012

Just For The Record..

A 15 mile electric fence charger can put out quite the shock.

And when a wire is goofed up and touching a fence post, said fence posts become electrified as well.

And when you're leaning up against a fence post, not knowing that a sister just turned the fence on, you might find yourself the recipient of a "shocking experience".

Long story short, there's nothin' wrong with my fence. But boy howdy was I tingling from head to toe for an hour... 


nancy said...

Ow, is that about right for your animals?

Anonymous said...

Hoowhee that must have been a big jolt - I remember what it feels like to grab the hot wire (dares when we were kids), but to be leaning on the post and not know it was coming? Wow. Glad you're ok.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Those things can really hurt!


Goat Song said...

Nancy, the shock is enough to keep my cow in, but I need to move up to a 25-30 mile charger to keep the goats in! Right now they're just walking through it! :-/