Saturday, June 9, 2012

Q Day!

Gaah! I forgot to post the Question Day post again!! They do say it takes 28 days to start a new habit though...

But here we go! Got some questions? Shout it out here in the comments!



Anonymous said...

This is a rather little question, how old was Capri? You said she was milking almost three gallons a day??? How heavy/tall was she?

Goat Song said...

Hi Tasha,

When I first bought her she was 3 years old and milking just over 2 gallons a day. The next year, when she turned 4 yo. she peaked at 3 gallons. She was relatively short... Her back probably came up to mid-thigh. She averaged a weight of 145 lbs. Her genetics were a large factor in her crazy amount of milk produced, and I am really excited to see how her daughter does! (note: I sold her daughter to some neighbors; now I kind of wish I hadn't!)