Thursday, June 14, 2012

My "Pinterest" Hay Manger

 I needed a hay manger...

But I didn't have one...

Nor could I buy one...

So I improvised.

My family calls this my "Pinterest hay manger".


For those of you who haven't guessed what this really is, it's actually the side of an old baby crib!! I found two of these in our dump pile and they have been delightfully handy around the place! :) I've used them as tops for the chick brooder (with hardware cloth taped over the wood), as trellises for my sugar snap peas (worked awesome), and now one resides in my quarantine stall as a new hay manger. 

Cost to buy a new manger? Thirty dollars at least had I gone to my local feed store. Cost to use these crib sides? A big round goose egg. Nothing, zilch, nadda. I love scrounging... ;)


And yep, that's just baling twine at the top of it, and the bottom is simply screwed to the wall. Not even Heidi has managed to bruise this thing and believe me, she has tried her best. It also works really well since the rungs are relatively close together, which creates an almost ZERO percentage of hay wastage! If you're using hay that's over $10 per bale, that's something to celebrate!

So that's all... I just wanted to show y'all my fun little find in the dump pile. When my sister first saw it, she thought for sure I had gotten the idea from Pinterest (which, *ahem*, I am quickly coming to love!). I crossed ma' heart, this idea was all from ma' own little head. ;) I do have good ideas once in awhile.


nancy said...

Good job! We've used a bottomless outdoor baby playpen ($3.00) for our 2 batches of chicks, worked great!

Anonymous said...

I love this! It actaually looks quite fancy. With my last bach of chicks I used an old book case with the shelves out.

Kamela said...

Wow this is seriously a good idea. Im a constant peruser of craiglists free section. I was trying come up with new ideas for a manger that were softer on their little muzzles