Sunday, June 17, 2012

Seven Hundred Pounds of Moo

Folks, come tomorrow morning I will be the possible new owner of 700 lbs. of moo.

There is a cow headed my way.

In a whirlwind of events, the Jersey/Holstein cow by the name of Betty, is now coming to GSF!! The lady who owns her called yesterday, saying that she had just sold all of her calves, which left her having to hand milk three cows (a total of 12+ gallons a day), and she was now ultra-motivated to see the heaviest milker leave the property. Apparently a lot of other people had inquired about this cow and shown interest in her, but everyone flaked and I turned out to be the ONLY person who actually showed up to look at Betty. I told the lady I was interested in her, but couldn't pay until the last week of June. That was my final say on the matter and the lady had to take it or leave it. 

She took it. Oh she took it... I wasn't kidding when I said she was ultra-motivated to see Betty moved, so we struck a deal: She's bringing me 700 lbs. of mooing bovine tomorrow, and I'll keep her for two weeks without paying a cent. At the end of the trial, if I feel like Betty and I are a good match, then she'll be paid in full and become a resident here at GSF. 

It all happened so fast that I barely knew what happened. I had just come home from teaching a goat care workshop on Saturday and heard that there was a message for me from the cow lady. Ten minutes later, I had plans of a new cow coming! Admittedly, there was a moment of panic as this realization sunk in, but I think I'm ready for this... I'm fixin' to go build a stanchion (nothing fancy right now; not until I know if she's staying or not), I have a ton of hay coming *hopefully* tomorrow evening, and there are plans in the works to expand the pasture. 

So stay tuned, folks! Adventures are dead ahead!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Keep writing, I want to hear everything. Ahhh! I'm excited for you!

nancy said...

Sounds like a good deal. I hope she and peaches will be great pals :)

Hannah said...

How exciting! I hope everything goes well. :)

Kristin said...

Betty (now Hazel) sounds exactly like our first cow.....we've had her for more than 6 years now.