Friday, June 8, 2012

Putting Faces To Names

The list is finally out over at the Polyface blog as to who the lucky folks were to get the summer internship. I've known for a couple of days now, but today they posted a couple of pictures with the intern lineup!

So, if you've read my Polyface Adventures, and you found yourself wishing you could put some faces to all those names mentioned, you can do so by clicking HERE

Out of the folks who got the coveted position, I met Savannah (we were instant kindred spirits and I miss her something fierce), Heather (lots of fun, and a really good worker!), Ben (a fellow Oregonian!), and Shrader (his help was immensely appreciated on my last day when we were stacking frozen chicken). Eric and Daniel are also pictured in the second photo.

Looking at the smiling faces on the website, I notice that Jeremy from Texas is not there... Or Ches from Ohio, or Lydia from Virginia. I guess there are other things in store for the four of us who will not be waking up in the morning to take care of thousands of chickens, and hundreds of cattle. No, we must make our own way and create our own adventures. 

So that's all, dear friends. I just thought it was fun to see familiar faces again, and I know my family has been saying how they wish they could put faces to names as I've related my stories. :) 

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