Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Turkeys Are Here!

I'm too tuckered right now to think up any clever title for this post, so I shall be blunt. Turkeys are here!!


This is my first try at turkeys, so I ordered the oh-so-small amount of 10 little poults. I was slightly wigging out this morning since the post office hadn't called yet, but the poults were *supposed* to arrive today! I called both the post office, and the hatchery and got brushed off by both. The poults would get here when they got here. Nice customer service there...


11:45AM came and while madly chasing cornish crosses around the pasture in an attempt to catch them (Heidi decided she wanted to eat chicken feed and totaled a chicken tractor), the poults made their arrival right along with a student who was here for a spinning lesson. Oy. Can things get any crazier? 

So the turkeys were hurriedly placed in the brooder, the chickens caught, and I go running up to the house gasping for breath and hoping that this lady wouldn't be scared off by a wild-haired girl who spends more time in the company of chickens, then she does with humans. Thankfully she did not seem to mind me being her teacher. Either that or she thought it was some sort of "quaint and rustic" adventure. Hmm.


Once the spinning lesson was over and I voraciously ate some lunch, I went back out to see my new additions to GSF. They are *SO* cute!! I'm trying to enjoy them as much as possible, since I'm sure I'll probably end up disliking them by the time October comes (their big date for the freezer). They're a lot different from chicks, and I must say that so far I like them better. They're curious and friendly little things that twitter ever so quietly, and they fall asleep in your hand. :)


Maybe I'll try and get a video of these tiny birds later...


Sarah G said...

What kind of turkeys did you get? We have 14 Red Bourbons running around right now. :)

Goat Song said...

These are BB Whites. :) I can't wait a year for a 12 lb. bird, so I'm goin' with these monstrosities. Twenty lbs. in 4 months is much more to my liking. ;)

I do like the Bourbon Reds though! If I ever do heritage breeds, the Bourbons would be my pick. I've actually been thinking about keeping a female BB White from this year and seeing if I can't breed her to a Bourbon tom. Just want to see what sort of cross that might produce...

nancy said...