Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting There

Mattie is looking better this morning. :) Her respiration rate has finally come down to what it should be, and she's only occasionally breathing through her mouth. She still looks a little sluggish, so I don't think we're out of the woods yet. I did at least manage to entice her to eat a bit of grain this morning, which is fabulous! The vet said once her appetite returns, then she's good to go. Her due date is in four days, so hopefully she'll be back to her normal, perky self before then!


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blind irish pirate said...

Me again. Has the vet said anything about a calcium IV to get her through parturition? Does he have a tech that he can send out to do it?

Here is the FDA info regarding Excede. The information should also be on the bottle as well as the drug insert in the box (hopefully).

On page 3, it states that it should be injected at the base of the ear in lactating cows and in the middle third of the back of the ear, or at the base of the ear, for non-lactating cows.

And on page 9, it states that there is a 13 day withdraw time for animals intended for slaughter (clearly not in this case) and no withdraw time for milk WHEN the drug is administered correctly (may need to look into that?).