Monday, February 18, 2013


Mattie had a relapse in the night. 

She was looking fabulous last night; basically her old, perky self, and I was overjoyed to think that we were back on track with everything. How silly of me to think it would be that easy...

Now she's back to what she looked like on Saturday. Heavy breathing, mouth hanging open, tongue lolling out, froth rimming her chin, cool ears... Grrr. This is so frustrating to me! I may have to call the vet again and see about getting some more meds, but I have my fingers crossed that I won't. It certainly wasn't cheap getting that first round... Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'll pray for you and Mattie.

oukay said...

As a vet (small animal, so no help), I would recommend that you call the vet now rather than later. Things are usually easier to fix earlier on.