Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Pigs

I threw a huge pile of old leaves into the pig pen this morning and "the boys" (Mike and Sausage, that is) were quite literally in hog heaven, getting to dig and root around in it all. I thought I'd share the smile with y'all by catching a video of them. :) In the background you can hear Peaches bellowing. That ornery heifer... I hate it when she makes that noise. LOL.


Illinois Lori said...

aww, they're too cute! So piggish! We're about 2 weeks away, Lord willing, from getting an official offer made on a farm for Bryan!!! It has some wooded acreage, so he hopes to have forest-raised pork, too :-D That'll be a couple years off, likely...first he'll break into it all with the poultry, then come the sheep and exciting!

nancy said...

Happy pigs make for happy bacon! Cute little guys... How peaches? Can you post a new pic of her?