Friday, October 4, 2013

Ask It!


Good heavens!! I completely forgot that it's Friday!! For some reason I was thinking today was Thursday, but apparently it's not. Huh. How'd I manage that? I'm sorry guys, I should have posted this earlier today (like, this morning...), but plumb forgot. Shame on me, shame on me, shame on me.

 Better late than never though! So y'all have all of tonight, and up until Monday morning to throw out any questions you might have, and then I'll answer them on Monday afternoon!

 As usual, just leave a comment. ;)


CJ Rogers said...

I'll try one more time. How can we get your hand-made (knitted? crocheted?) goats for CHRISTmas gifts? -CJ

Goat Song said...

CJ, I'm sorry but I don't make those any more. :-/ Those were really popular 2 years ago and I had a crazy time keeping up with demand; then I only did a very small amount last year due to carpal tunnel in my hands. I'm not doing any this year due to time restrictions.

Kaia said...

Maybe you could share the patterns for the knitted animals? Or was it a book that can be purchased?