Saturday, October 12, 2013

In Theaters This December

  Excuse me while I squeal, fangirl, and jump up and down in excitement. BUT THE NEXT EPISODE OF 'THE HOBBIT' IS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED!!!!! Aaaaaah!!! I'm a Lord Of The Rings nerd. A total nerd. I love the books, the movies, the special effects, the graphics, the actors, the trailers... I'm a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and that there's a fact, folks.

  And in case you hadn't guessed by now, I'm a *tiny* bit excited about this newest film. Just a tiny bit. ;)

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FeyWind said...

Y'know ... I think we would get along famously. (Yes, I've been "fangirling" over this movie release too. Guilty.)

When I was 5, I can remember going to bed in the evening and my father (how he never lost his voice, I STILL don't know!) reading at least one chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy to me every night. (Other books he read to my sister and I: Brian Jaques books, Swiss Family Robinson, Anne of Green Gables, and many more.)

How did you get into J.R.R. Tolkien? What other kinds of books do you enjoy - other than homesteading books? :D

Sarah G said...


Goat Song said...

FeyWind, we could be dangerous together. ;) I ADORE Brian Jacques' books!! I still read the Redwall collection! I *just* started over with Martin The Warrior! Can't help myself! They're so awesome! I think "Pearls of Lutra" might be my favorite... Although I do love "Marlfox", "The Long Patrol", and a few others... Okay, they're all great.

I actually didn't try delving into the LOTR books until about 5 years ago, and it happened in a rather odd way. I had a pregnant alpaca that was in labor and I was on PINS AND NEEDLES waiting for her to give birth. To keep my mind off her (I think I was driving her crazy), I grabbed the first fiction book I laid eyes on, which turned out to be The Hobbit, which my older brother had left out. I ended up missing the alpaca birth. Oops. (hehe.) I was too engrossed in Tolkien's tale. It's been all downhill from there!

I don't read a whole lot of fiction books, simply because I love the non-fiction. But in my moments where I HAVE to read something to distract myself, I like Tolkien, Brian Jacques, Dee Henderson (Her 'O Malley Series' keeps me up past midnight when I go on a reading spree with those!), and I do occasionally revert back to my childhood with reading the Anne Of Green Gables series. ;)