Thursday, October 10, 2013

That's a Tractor

  The neighbor's down the road from me farm over one thousand acres; they own some of it, and rent the rest. All the work is done by family; the father who's in his nineties, his three or four sons, and his one grandson. They're nice folks, and I even asked for a job on their place once (to which they said betwixt the 5-6 of them, they didn't need another person. Sigh.). I always enjoy going past their farm since they often have their heavy equipment outside, either being tinkered on, washed (they keep everything *impeccably* clean), or being fired up for work. I like seeing their tractors and combines. Makes me smile every time, it does. ^_^

  Last week while driving past, I accidentally swerved just a little bit. I didn't mean to, but they had something new sitting on their front lawn, and I couldn't help but stare (thus not looking at the road for two seconds).

  Sitting right there on the newly greened grass was one of the purtiest thing I've ever seen... A brand new John Deere 9630. (click highlighted words to see what this gorgeous beast looks like!)

   Goodness and glory... That's a tractor. o_O

 photo 1160626446593821190913.png


Anonymous said...

Better see if you can drive it!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

Holy moly, I bet that cost a chunk!