Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pinterest Link Up! Week #5!

Ta da! Here's this week's link up! I found some neat stuff this week! :)

1. How to make mozzarella cheese. {Courtesy of The Prairie Homestead}

2. DIY Cotton Faux Paper Towels. (I thought the snaps on these were kinda' cool...) {Courtesy of My Healthy Green Family}

3. Use buttermilk to take the "gamey" taste out of your meat. {Courtesy of The Backyard Pioneer}

4. Ten miniature cattle breeds for your small farm. {Courtesy of Big Picture Agriculture}

5. Creative and homemade hay feeders for goats! {Courtesy of the Homesteading Today forum}

6. 4 Reasons your hens aren't laying. {Courtesy of House. Barn. Farm.}
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link ups! The hay feeder one is really interesting. I like the half barrel inside the hay barn, that would be soooo nice!

One day I'll get miniature cattle, Dexters really appeal. Maybe a cross between a Dexter and a Jersey if I was only milking for my family.

Please keep up with the Link Ups! You find some really good stuff.