Friday, October 11, 2013

I Forgot Again!!! Sorry!!!

  Gaah! My bad, guys. I forgot to post the "Ask it" post today. Sigh... I told myself to do it at 8:30am today; I was feeling all smug 'cause I was gonna' get this post done ever so early and it would be just grand. A blog post before lunch time... How fancy shmancy of me. Huh. You can see how that ended up going. No idea how I forgot... I won't even make excuses, except for saying that I was picking apples over at the neighbor's place this morning, and then I wrote a post during lunch time, and then I had to go to town in the afternoon, and I bought a really nice new military cap at Wilco today *totally* on an impulse (gray herringbone pattern! Eek!), and then I had to eat dinner, and then eat snack because I like to eat food, and then I wasted who knows how much time on Pinterest, aaaand wait. These count as excuses, don't they? My bad.

We shall now pretend that this post was published right on time. *prim and proper look* 

(same as ever, just leave your random or not-so-random question in da' comments below)
P.S. I even took off the horrid letter/number coding that proves that you're not a robot. So now commenting should be a deelightful breeze for you! 

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Penelope T. said...

Would you be willing to share what books/videos/websites you are using to teach yourself herd dog training?

My sister has informed me that I (and my goat herd) am going to help her train her border collie pup. I don't know "come by" from "away to me," so I need to get studying!