Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pinterest Link Up! Week #3!

 I'm still tweaking this idea, and deciding what I/we like best. It seems that pictures are the key to this post series, so I set out to seeing what I could and couldn't do. What I've found thus far is that if an image is not watermarked, then you can create a collage with it, and link back to the original source; single images are apparently what is a no-no. So with that in mind, let's try this week's link up like this:

1. How Pervasive Are GMO's in Animal Feed? {Courtesy of GMO Inside}

2. A Smaller Beef Cow - Dexter Cattle. {Courtesy of Our Simple Farm}

3. Homemade Hay Manger! {Courtesy of Backyard Herds forum & Sawyer Family Farm}

4. DIY Heat Mat for Seedlings. {Courtesy of}

5. Sprouting Grains for Dairy Goats. {Courtesy of Little Seed Farm}

6. Keep A Family Dairy Cow. {Courtesy of Mother Earth News, and Karen Keb}

 Enjoy your Saturday!!

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