Friday, October 21, 2011

A Familiar Sight

History repeats itself. I go upstairs to work at my spinning wheel, and find an interesting panorama before me. The spinning wheel's drive band has been knocked off, and is wound tightly around the flyer. The yarn on the bobbin is broken, and fuzzed up. there is fiber on the floor. The scotch brake is broken. The oil bottle is lying on the floor. Beads are scattered across the carpet, and sink into its depths as if in quicksand. In short, I find a wreckage.

 And I'm not surprised.

 Telltale clues are also scattered amongst my work. Lego figures that have no heads (I find the heads beneath my chair) lie quietly on the battlefield.. Little, plastic Lego helmets rest on the spinning wheel's Mother-of-all. Small fingerprints are smudged on the wheel's once clean wood. The "gruesome twosome" have been here...

Or, in plain English, the 2 and 4 year old brothers. Thing #1 and Thing #2. You can tell them as many times as you want that the spinning wheel is off limits, and not to be touched; but they'll forget in 10 minutes. To them, the spinning wheel is the greatest toy ever invented. It moves, it's big, there's lots of things for Lego figures to do on it while in battle (hence the helmets and beheaded fellows), and there are lots and lots of glorious, tiny beads that can be thrown around!! How cool is that!?!?

So I lost a lot of beads to the carpet today... You know those itty, bitty seed beads that are smaller than a pinhead? Yeah, those ones. And my drive band now has a lovely black streak on it, from the oil on the flyer. The yarn didn't get too much damage this time, thankfully!! I'm in the midst of finishing up some skeins for the yarn CSA, so I wouldn't have been happy if it had been ruined!

After surveying the mess, I went and found the two miscreants. I asked them if they were the ones who played with my wheel, and after a few moments of thought on their part, they smiled big and said, "Yep!". We've gone through that little confrontation about the wheel so many times, that today I merely smiled and asked, "Did you at least have fun?" Another "Yep!" followed.

Oy. Maybe it's time to turn the barn hayloft into a spinning studio...


Autumn said...

I know what you mean. My Brother has a penchant for ripping knitting projects off the needles. But, when they ARE cute I would have to say it's all worth it.

Jenfier Harrod said...

AS I read your blog post I thought of my son Zach's blog and thought that maybe you would like to visit it with your two boys. It has little stories and I think you would like it.