Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wet Carhartts Ain't Fun

It rained last night. I'm not talking about a small sprinkling either. Or a shower, or a "raining-cats-and-dogs" sort of rain. I do believe the word "torrent" would aptly fit last night's weather! It was the kind where you can hear the rain drops hammering your house, over the loud movie you're watching (as was our case), and when you stick your head outside, you can't hear yourself think. It rained. Hard.

 Normally, I enjoy such rainy evenings. I like listening to the deafening roar of water pelting the world outside while I remain warm and dry inside. But last night, I groaned as I realized that the laying hens were in the chicken tractor, and if they didn't get washed away, then the roof would probably break soon from the weight of all that water on a tarp roof. There was only one thing to do: rescue those poor chickens and put them in the coop/rabbitry. Phooey.

 On went the armor. One heavy duty Carhartt coat, a hat that looked like something Indiana Jones would wear, rubber boots that have cracks in both of them, and along came a pint-sized lantern that belongs to my four year old brother (no, it didn't have Thomas the Train on it!)

 Oh boy... I underestimated just how wet it would be out there. And dark. I didn't think dark could be so... Dark. ;) I'm afraid the little lantern couldn't quite cope with such a big job. As I suspected though, the top bar on the chicken tractor roof was bending precariously, and threatened to snap at any minute. So out came all 14 chickens! I kid you not, I wasn't even out there for five minutes before I was soaked to the skin. The hat kept the top of my head dry, but all that water proceeded to pour down the front of the brim as I leaned to grab an unsuspecting hen, and got a face-full of rain! My boots filled with water as I splashed through puddles (one of these days I'm going to buy myself a new pair...) and my denim skirt became awkwardly heavy as it continued to get more and more wet.

The Carharrt coat was the worst though... The rain was pelting so hard, that it penetrated the thick coat lining all the way through, and my once warm, dry coat, was now a wet, clingy excuse for a coat. Wet denim is terrible... Blugh.

I grumbled to the chickens as I ferried them to their new quarters, but they were too sleepy to comprehend my words. I suppose that can be a good thing.

When I finished my work, I went inside. Every single inch of me was sopping wet. Except the top of my head. That Indiana Jones hat worked pretty well. ;) I decided there and then that if the barn started to float away, I would let it. I wasn't going out in that fury again for the night.

 This morning, when I went out to do barn chores, I had to wear my still-damp Carhartt. Ick. Wet Carhartts ain't fun.


Christi said...

Even though I love Carhartt, I totally agree with you!

Autumn said...

I agree with you! Last winter, I managed to get the inside of my Carhartt coat wet, it took nearly forever to dry out. Thankfully, it returned to it's usual fluffy, warm state. ;)