Thursday, October 6, 2011


One downside to selling goats is that sometimes you let go of ones that you later wish you had kept.

Such is the case with little Beatrix.

As you can see by her ears, she was Heidi's doeling, and while Beatrix was a sneaky little imp, I loved her.

But hay was needed, so she and her brother Bertram, became the sacrificial lambs, so to say, and had to be sold. 

I regret that sale so much... She was a nice little goat.


Jazkabor said...

She was a cutie! BTW me and my kiddos would love to come out for a goat visit when ever you would like to show off your new stock. : ) I would love to hear what your ideas are....for the moment! LOL I know it can change rapidly.
Thinking of you and your family, blessings!

Goat Song said...

It might be awhile before I have a free day to show y'all the goats, between teaching and helping mom and the new baby. I am completely worn out from these past few days, and I'm not even the one who had the baby! LOL. ;) But I'll let you know if when I manage to find a day...

And ideas... Oh goodness the ideas I've been having... ;)

Jazkabor said...

Oh, how I am praying they are doing well!

Hope we can get a goat chat in next time we cross paths! I miss my horses terribly sometimes, but I could definitely get used to goats as a replacement... as long as there is a strong beautiful smell of hay around of course.
I miss the early morning chill and mist, and the warm hay/animal smell inside the barn. I use to tuck my hands under the horse blankets, and breath them in before cleaning stalls. I miss my pretty girl! AH, : )

Goat Song said...

I didn't know you had horses! My goodness, you think you know a person... We won't be at church this week because of baby Noah, but we might be there next week. We'll have to try and bump into each other then! ;)

Niki said...

What a cute little goat! I love La Manchas, especially with the elf ears.
I just found your blog today, and it's great! Similar to mine. I see we're both advocates for a persons right to choose raw milk, non-GMO, heritage breeds and heirloom plants as well :)

Goat Song said...

Welcome to my blog, Niki! :) Hurray for another raw milk lover! ;)

I'll be nosing around your blog, no doubt! :)