Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm So Bad...

But I couldn't resist...

 I put down a doeling reservation this week! Actually, it's more like a "If-there-are-two-doelings-you-can-have-one" sort of deal, but nevertheless, I am ultra excited!! I've been eyeing this particular doe for almost three years now, and am finally getting around to possibly getting one of her daughters. Hoorah!

SGCH Remuda EM's RJ Proud Mary 12*M 
DOB: 5/1/04 
Sire: Copper-Hill BW Reuben James *B
Dam: Sungai BS Bess's Emmaline

Photo credit and information goes to Proud Mary's owner at


Jazkabor said...

This is the goat you wanted to buy during the summer is it not? The 9veee? Either way excited to see if it works out.

Goat Song said...

No, this isn't the same goat that I almost got a few months ago. She was a different breed. :)

Jazkabor said...

This one is gorgeous, good luck!

Do you know I dreamed of doing all this while growing up? So fun to get to see what your doing.
Do't know if the Lord will ever lead us this way, but we will be pretty excited if he ever does. Does it ever amaze you how we can enjoy such hard work, when some others love to sit on couches (eating mcd's while doing it)? LOL

Goat Song said...

They say it takes all kinds to make a world... :) But I think we're a different breed altogether to enjoy such physical labor. ;)