Monday, October 10, 2011

A Farmer's Love

Some like to roam away from home. This will by no means do for the farmer. His love of home is his safety. He must guard against contracting a fondness for being off; Aye, off from the place of his business, the place of his family, the place of his love.

~Leavitt's Farmer's Almanac


Autumn said...

Where do you find such awesome quotes? I could read things like this all day, and I'm glad you are sharing them with us.

Goat Song said...

I sort of just stumble on quotes like this... But whenever I see one that I like, I write it down for future reference! ;)

Glad you like them! :)

Jazkabor said...

I will no longer think of my self as a homebody. I will just have to start admitting I am a farmer at heart!